Ongoing Projects and Latest Achievements from Cultural Mediations Students

Nicola Oddy

February 2021: Cultural Mediations PhD candidate Nicola Oddy premiered the Singing Field, a film documenting some of her doctoral fieldwork. Nicola undertook this project ​as a part of her dissertation (under the supervision of ICSLAC Professor Jesse Stewart) on vocal improvisation. Last summer, six singer-researchers performed with one another in a variety of settings in and around Ottawa while exploring different environments through collaborative vocal improvisations. Oddy used a practice that she calls Environmental Vocal Exploration (EVE) in which only those involved in the performance are present. There are passers-by, but the purpose of EVE is not to perform for an audience; it is to explore the surrounding environment through vocal improvisation.  Read more…

EJ (EuiJung) McGillis

December 2020: Cultural Mediations PhD candidate  EuiJung McGillis is curating an exciting exhibition on Korean traditional attire at the Korean Cultural Centre in Ottawa. EJ and Ilyoung June (exhibition designer) came together to produce Hanbok, Poetics of Line and the Passage of Life, which showcases an array of Hanbok ranging from a baby’s first birthday dress to ceremonial robes for weddings to the royal wardrobes of pre-modern Korea to everyday clothes.

Patricia Bérubé

November 2020:  Cultural Mediations PhD candidate Patricia Bérubé receives media coverage from Accessible Media Inc for her doctoral research on interpreting colour in art works for the blind and visually impaired community:

Cara Tierney

Cara Tierney

October 2020: Cultural Mediations PhD candidate Cara Tierney is cocurating, with Anna Shah Hoque,  “To Be Continued: Troubling the Queer Archive” at the Carleton University Art Gallery. The exhibition is running from September 24 – December 12, 2020. To find out more about this exhibition, see here.You can also listen to weekly podcasts of this project here: 

student holding out diploma in front of brick wallSummer 2020: Our warmest congratulations to 2020 Cultural Mediations graduates Dr. Trina Cooper-Bolam, Dr. Konstantinos (Dino) Koutras and Dr. Matthew Purvis, who were recognized for the excellence of their doctoral dissertations. All three were nominated for a university medal, with a Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement awarded to Dr. Cooper-Bolam and Dr. Purvis. ICSLAC takes tremendous pride in their achievements and extends congratulations to their supervisors for their support and mentorship.

Krista Zawadski

Krista Ulujuk Zawadski

December 2019: Cultural Mediations PhD candidate Krista Ulujuk Zawadski and Danielle Printup are curating  Breaking Ground Art Exhibition, hosted by the National Arts Centre, NAC Indigenous Theatre and Carleton University Art Gallery. This exhibition features drawings and prints selected from Carleton University Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

For more details on some of our Cultural Mediations students and their doctoral projects: