Photo of Lale Eskicioğlu

Lale Eskicioğlu

2022 Cultural Mediations Graduate, Part-Time Professor (Carleton University)

Degrees:B.Sc. (METU), M.A. (Ottawa U), Ph.D. (Carleton)

Dr. Lale Eskicioğlu, Cultural Mediations PhD (2022). Beyond Postcolonialism: Urban and Social Realist Turn in Indian and Nigerian Literatures (Supervisor: Professor Sarah Phillips Casteel).

Lale’s discipline is Global Contemporary Literatures, and her research focuses on the twenty-first century city narratives of Lagos, Nigeria and Mumbai, India. Her other research interests include postcoloniality and decolonization in literature, graphic novels in a global context, and science and technology in literature. Having lived in Turkey, Germany, France, India and Canada, she embraces diversity and multiculturalism. In a previous life, Lale was an electrical engineer and had worked in the information technology industry for fifteen years. She admits that two good things came out of having received a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering: a soul mate, and a science fiction course design. She is happier in her new role as a researcher, learner and educator. At parties, she loves explaining the difference between World Literature and Global Literature. Emails about anything above are welcome: You may also find me on Twitter @LaleLisait. If you wish to chat about the role of literature in decolonizing urban centres, I will buy the drinks.