For those interested in ECOR4907 Multidisciplinary Engineering Project, it should be noted that students will be working with students and faculty from other departments. These projects may involve large groups of students and have fixed meeting times. If you are interested in ECOR4907 projects (denoted in the table below) it is recommended that you contact that project’s supervisor who will advise you on meeting times and the method of assessment. If you are planning on doing an ECOR4907 project with a Dept. of Electronics professor as a supervisor, you need to apply as described here.

Following projects are currently being offered. Interested students must first contact the supervisor faculty member to get more information about the project and finalize their project selection.

2024-2025 Academic Term

Professor Project Host Department

2023-2024 Academic Term

Professor Project Host Department
Alan Steele Advance Aircraft Design Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

Important Considerations:

  1. ECOR4907 is a different course from ELEC4907/ELEC4908 and SREE4907. Interested students with confirmed ECOR4907 project, must register to ECOR4907 course only, and not to ELEC/SREE.
  2. The project assessment of ECOR projects are specific to each project. For example, some projects use more design reports and design review presentations as assessment methods. In addition, the project team meeting times are co-ordinated with team members from different departments. This means there may be regular meetings that could conflict with other courses and also different methods of assessment to those outlined on these Dept. of Electronics web pages. Check with the supervisor if you have questions about the assessment route, and how to resolve time conflicts, in case they arise.
  3. Students must still self-enroll in the DoE Final Year Engineering Brightspace page, even if registered in ECOR4907.
  4. For 2023-2024 academic year, if the students have already enrolled in ELEC/SREE, they are still encouraged to contact ECOR project supervisors to explore the possibility of being involved in these projects.