Brightspace Project Organization

DoE capstone project has now migrated to Brightspace. It contains project resources, report templates and project group organizations. All the projects are organized into groups, and all reports submissions will also be made inside Brightspace. All the project groups will then be visible using “Tools” on the course menu.

For Faculties: The Brightspace course can be found under the resource tab when they login on Brightspace. They are automatically enrolled into the course, and can simply login. Faculties can monitor group progress, email all the group members and view shared resources easily in their respective project “group lockers”.

For Students: Click here to open the Brightspace course page Following points are added here to help students visualize what to expect as they logon to the course page for the first time and how different project groups are displayed as they follow different steps in group enrollments. The students enrolled into the final year project course will see the following key features showed here as snapshots of Brightspace pages:

Group Visualization: Tools > Groups (just after enrolling in the final year project course). No groups are yet assigned.

Group Enrollment: Project streams to be self-enrolled into > “Join Group”. Select an appropriate group depending on the discipline or project category.

Group Enrolled: My groups after enrolling in the project stream.

Group Enrolled: My groups after being assigned a Capstone project supervised by the assigned DoE Faculty member. This will only be visible after all the students applications have been reviewed and projects assigned to form student steams.


  • The number of members assigned to a given project group is displayed under the “Members” column. Click on it to view the group members lists.
  • Click on the “Group files” to access the area where the members can store any project files to be shared within the group. The files are visible to the project group members & all the faculties, but not to other students groups.
  • Click envelope icon to send an email to all the project group members.