Step 1 – Brightspace Enrollment: All students registering in ELEC4907/ELEC4908/SREE4907/SYSC4907 and ECOR 4907 (with DoE faculty supervisors) must self-enroll themselves to the Brightspace page (DoE Final Year Engineering Project) and select the appropriate group, before completing the online application form.

For students who wants to self-enroll in the course: Click here and follow the steps for self-enrollment as described here. There are three groups in this course.  Choose the groups depending on your program, i.e. electronics, engineering physics or energy engineering. This is a mandatory step, and must be completed to receive any project related information and notifications.

Go to Tools > Groups > Available Groups > Join relevant group in the “Final Year Engineering Project Stream”

Step 2 – Project Exploration: Talk to various faculty members related to the projects they are offering to get more details. While this is encouraged, its an optional step.

Step 3 – Project Application: All students are next expected to fill the online application form on Brightspace and indicate five preferences to be considered for project assignments. The coordinator will attempt to assign students to their chosen projects. The priority is given to the students who have come to an agreement with a professor to undertake a project based on mutual interests. The priority is then given to students based on their GPA and mutually expressed interests in partnership.

Project Application Deadline: August, 31, 2023

This application has recently migrated to Brightspace from the legacy DoE Website (using the DoE account). If you have already completed the form on DoE, you do not need to submit the form again on Brightspace. That information has been successfully received. [updated July 24, 2023]

Step 4 – Project Allocation: All applications will be reviewed and the students will be directly enrolled in project specific groups and workspace on Brightspace. A common announcement will be sent on Brightspace once this allocation is completed after application review. Only the students enrolled in Brightspace will be notified. The students thus must ensure that they have full access to the Brightspace FYP course page.

Step 5 – Course Registration: Confirm registration to either ELEC4907/ELEC4908/SREE4907 or ECOR4907.

Step 6 – Access Project Resources on Brightspace