Welcome to 4th-Year Engineering Project

The project begins with a selection process, which should be undertaken before the start of fall term.  Faculty supervisors propose project topics from which students may indicate their preferences.  Applications are submitted by August so that projects may be assigned by the start of classes in September.

Projects may take different forms depending on the topic, but the common key elements are engineering design practice and team work. The projects integrate mathematics, basic sciences, the engineering sciences and complementary studies in engineering design of components, systems and or processes to meet specific needs.  Students are required to work in groups to complete a major design task.  Students are responsible for partitioning the work amongst the members of the team and setting milestones for each team member.  Project groups must meet regularly with their faculty supervisor to report on progress.

The projects in the Electronics Department typically involve design/development of microelectronic, RF/microwave and photonic components/systems, and/or development of CAD tools for modeling and design of these components/systems.

Through the projects, students are encouraged to develop professional skills necessary for real-world engineering practices dealing with issues such as health/safety, reliability, codes and standards, and environmental considerations.   The projects should be treated not only as an academic activity, but also as a rehearsal for developing products in a real-world industrial/business environment.  Students develop a strong sense of responsibility for team success, self-discipline, making timely deliverables, as well as having sound product economics and project management.

The general prerequisite is the 4th-year status in the engineering program beside the following:

  • Ecor-4995 is required but may also be taken concurrently.
  • Certain Projects may have additional prerequisites or co-requisites as suggested by the supervisor.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take the 3rd-year design project course for better preparation