Approved DSAAI Electives*

  • COMP 5107/CSI 5107 Statistical and Syntactic Pattern Recognition**
  • COMP 5112/CSI 5154 Algorithms for Data Science**
  • COMP 5116/CSI 5155 Machine Learning**
  • COMP 5306/CSI 5100 Data Integration**
  • COMP 5340/CSI 5340 Introduction to Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning**
  • DATA 5002 Data Science, Ethics & Society
  • ITEC 5102 (SYSC 5500) Designing Secure Networking and Computer Systems
  • ITEC 5103 Cloud and Datacentre Networking
  • ITEC 5206 Data Protection and Rights Management
  • ITEC 5207 Data Interaction Techniques
  • STAT 5504 Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis
  • STAT 5509 (MAT 5196) Multivariate Analysis
  • STAT 5602 (MAT 5317) Analysis of Categorical Data
  • STAT 5702 (MAT 5182) Modern Applied and Computational Statistics
  • SYSC 5206 Resource Management on Distributed Systems
  • SYSC 5703 Integrated Database and Cloud Systems
  • Any course from the list “Applications of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning”

Applications of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning

  • COMP 5101/CSI 5311 Distributed Databases and Transaction Processing Systems**
  • COMP 5111/CSI 5153 Data Management for Business Intelligence**
  • COMP 5113/CSI 5350 Machine Learning for Healthcare**
  • COMP 5117/CSI 5346 Mining Software Repositories**
  • COMP 5118 Trends in Big Data Management**
  • COMP 5209 Visual Analytics**
  • COMP 5341/CSI 5341 Learning-based Computer Vision**
  • COMP 5505/CSI 5386 Natural Language Processing**
  • COMP 5704/CSI 5131 Parallel Algorithms and Applications in Data Science**
  • ITEC 5205 Design and Development of Data-intensive Applications
  • STAT 5705 (MAT 5373) Statistical Machine Learning
  • STAT 5713 Advanced Data Mining
  • SYSC 5103 Software Agents
  • SYSC 5405 Pattern Classification and Experiment Design

*Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the Public Class Schedule.

**Course offered at both Carleton and uOttawa. DSAAI students looking to take a COMP course at Carleton may submit a registration override request. DSAAI students looking to take a COMP course at uOttawa must do so via the uOttawa Exchange Program using the following form. Once the form is completed email it to Please note that final approval to take courses at uOttawa is dependent on approval from FGPA and uOttawa. A submitted request does not mean guaranteed approval.

If you receive a registration error message during registration, please get in touch with the respective unit or submit a registration override request:

Permission for Credit

DSAAI students wishing to enroll in a course that is not on the approved DSAAI Elective Courses list (as specified above) must submit the Permission for Credit form to request pre-approval to have an alternate elective course count towards their degree.