Disposal Arrangements

To prepare for the disposal of hazardous waste complete the following steps:

  • Prepare an inventory of the waste, including the description, state and amount. Use the following form: Hazardous Waste Disposal – Materials List
  • Submit the form to the Manager of Laboratory and Academic Program Safety at tina.preseau@carleton.ca. EHS will verify that the University is registered to dispose of the waste
  • If the waste is not registered Environmental Health and Safety will arrange for registration with the Ministry of the Environment (MOE)
  • Ensure all waste containers are clearly labelled (Contact your departmental representative for Hazardous waste labels)
  • Once approved by the Environmental Safety Office, contact your departmental representative to arrange a time to bring waste to designated hazardous waste storage area.
  • EHS will arrange to have an approved hazardous waste disposal contractor provide disposal services when needed or before 3 months have elapsed.

Organizational Division

Contact Name

Contact Information

Department of Electronics Rob Vandusen Robert.vandusen@carleton.ca

Ext. 5761

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Stan Conley Stanley.conley@carleton.ca

Ext. 7476

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dr. John Hayes John.hayes@carleton.ca

Ext. 5661

Faculty of Science Kayla Hill Kayla.Hill@carleton.ca

Ext. 3842

Office of Risk Management Tina Preseau Tina.preseau@carleton.ca

Ext. 3809

School of Industrial Design Walter Zanetti Walter.zanetti@carleton.ca

Ext. 3554

Waste Manifests

The MOE requires that the disposal of all hazardous waste be manifested for tracking purposes and to ensure proper disposal.

The carrier of the hazardous waste will provide a manifest (sipping document) at the time of pick-up, manifest’s must be completed and routed as follows:

  • The University representative completes and signs Part A of the manifest
  • Manifest’s can only be signed by a University employee who has received current Transportation of Dangerous Goods training.
  • The carrier completes Part B of the manifest.
  • The consignor (department) separates the manifest and mails copy 1 (white) to the MOE as directed on the back of the manifest and copy 2 (green) to the Manager, Laboratory and Academic Program Safety.
  • The carrier takes copies 3, 4, 5 and 6 with the shipment.
  • The receiver sends copy 6 (brown) to the Manager, Laboratory and Academic Program Safety after the shipment has been received.

If the department receives copy 6, it must be forwarded to the Manager, Laboratory and Academic Program Safety.  Copy 2 and copy 6 are retained on file by Environmental Health and Safety for Ministry of Environment (MOE) audit.