Change is good! However, we understand that it can also be challenging. That is why we have developed resources to help users through the early learning period of using CU WorkSafe. While the FAQ and Help Guides are meant to be your first recourse for help, we are available to help you through any issues you may encounter. Email or call us at 613-520-3000 for assistance.

Help Guides

These 1-2 page help guide are designed to help as you navigate through the various tools CU WorkSafe has to offer.

Injury, Illness, Hazard and Incident Reporting

The help guides below will indicate in what circumstances its respective report should be completed as well as indicate what information is required for each field.

Actionable Items

CU WorkSafe’s built-in notification system will send an email whenever something requires your attention. The following help guides will assist supervisors and space owners in completing these actionable items.

  • Incident Investigation (coming soon)
  • Corrective Actions (coming soon)


Below you will find answers to the few most frequently asked questions about CU WorkSafe. See here for a complete list of all FAQs.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Check out the complete list of FAQs.