Spot something potentially dangerous on campus?

Prevent potential injuries or illness by reporting the hazard using the Good Catch Reporting form!

Please note: Reporting a Good Catch is intended for low risk hazards ONLY! If the hazard presents an imminent threat, notify your supervisor immediately. Notify Campus Safety Services if it is an emergency at  613-520-2600 X4444 (or 4444 from a Carleton University land line).

The intent of this ‘Good Catch’ Reporting Form is to catch any situation that may cause an injury or illness BEFORE IT HAPPENS.  By reporting the concern, EHS is then made aware and is able to find a solution to reduce the risk of any future injuries or illnesses.

All members of the Carleton community share a responsibility to report hazards as they present themselves. For more information on hazard reporting, see Carleton’s Hazard Reporting Policy.

Please access through Cu Worksafe