Contact if you require help with any of the EHS training courses.

Mandatory Training Courses

All Carleton employees are required to complete the following health and safety training courses:

Supervisors must also complete:

Additional Training

Depending on the hazards present in your workplace or your role, you may be required to complete additional mandatory training

Asbestos Awareness Recommended for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of Asbestos at Carleton.
BioSafety Awareness Mandatory for anyone working with or around biohazardous materials.
COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Recommended for everyone.
Emergency First Aid and CPR Available for full-time staff who have been designated by their department head.
Fire Safety Awareness Recommended for everyone.  
LabSafety Mandatory for anyone working in a lab setting.
Ladder Safety Recommended for anyone who uses a ladder for their work. 
Laser Safety Mandatory for anyone working with or around lasers.
Radiation Safety Mandatory for anyone handling radioisotopes.
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Mandatory for anyone involved in the disposal, transport, shipping and/or receiving of dangerous goods.
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Mandatory for anyone working with or around hazardous materials (i.e. chemicals).
Workplace Inspection Recommended for Supervisors.
Workplace – Specific Hazards  

Department Specific Training

University department heads are responsible for health and safety training programs specifically related to the work within their area.

Environmental Health and Safety can provide information to assist when coordinating specific training needs. For assistance please contact us.