Carleton’s tunnel system provides a great way to get around campus. The use of tunnel carts by staff offers a practical solution for moving equipment and getting around quickly.

Carleton’s Tunnel Carts Policy outlines the requirements for the safe operation of tunnel carts.

Becoming a Driver

In order to be approved as a tunnel cart driver, the applicant must complete mandatory training established by Environmental Health & Safety and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Tunnel Carts Policy. The supervisor/manager is responsible for filling out a Tunnel Cart Operator Approval Form and forwarding to the Director of Environmental Health & Safety.

Drivers must be re-approved every 3 years during the month of September.

How do I access this training?

  1. Visit Brightspace
  2. Sign in using your MC1 credentials.
  3. Search for the training using the term “EHS: Tunnel Cart Safety” through the Discover link in the navigation bar and self-register by following the on-screen instructions.

Safe Cart Operation

  1. Pedestrians and persons using wheelchairs or other assistive devices have the right of way at all times in the tunnels.
  2. A visual inspection must be performed prior to operating any cart.
  3. Cellular devices or radios are not to be used while operating a tunnel cart.
  4. Operators will ensure tunnel cart keys are maintained on a separate key ring to avoid damaging ignition.
  5. Operators will come to a complete stop at all stop signs.
  6. Operators will keep to the right except when passing.
  7. When passing, operators will reduce speed, ensure others are aware of the cart, sound horn well in advance, maintain safe clearance, and proceed with caution.
  8. When turning, operators will reduce speed and ensure safe clearance.
  9. When backing up, operators will ensure the area is clear of people and obstructions.
  10. When parking, operators will ensure the cart is secured and exits are not blocked. Keys are never to remain in the cart.
  11. Operators will not permit passengers to stand on a moving cart or trailer. If the cart is designed to accommodate passengers in addition to the operator, the number of passengers is to be limited to one (1) and the passenger must be seated at all times. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure passengers abide by all requirements.
  12. When towing a trailer, operators will ensure the hitch and loads are secure in accordance with MTO requirements for towing.
  13. When transporting exceptionally heavy loads, operators will discuss specific requirements with their manager or department head.
  14. The use of carts to transport hazardous materials requires the approval of the supervisor/manager or department head. Operators will take the following precautions:
    – Transport at times of low pedestrian traffic
    – Transport the smallest quantity possible
    – Transport with spill clean-up materials
  15. Operators will report to their supervisor/manager or department head all incidents involving injury to persons or damage to property.
  16. Operators will also report to their supervisor/manager or department head any factors which would affect their ability to safely drive a tunnel cart. These include impairment and substance dependencies or any physical disability that would impact safety.

Reporting Unsafe Operation

Unsafe operation of tunnel carts should be reported to Environmental Health & Safety in ORM for investigation. Reports will be forwarded to the supervisor/manager or department head. Submit a report through the Good Catch Reporting Form, by emailing or by calling at 613-520-3000. Provide the location, cart number, driver description and incident details. In cases of imminent danger, Campus Safety Services is to be contacted.