The Cannabis Act and its Regulations provide, the framework for legal access to cannabis and control and regulate its production, distribution, sale and possession. Under this framework, a person is required to obtain a license issued by Health Canada in order to conduct various activities with cannabis, including research. Applicants and License Holders are responsible for compliance with the Cannabis Act and its Regulations as well as compliance with other applicable federal, provincial and territorial legislation and municipal by-laws.

The Act and Regulations outline licensing, record keeping, and security requirements, among other things.

Carleton University currently holds an institutional Cannabis Research Licence, issued under the Cannabis Act, to possess cannabis for the purpose of research.

All Principal Investigators planning to conduct research with cannabis or cannabis materials on Carleton campus must apply for internal certification. The certification application can be found in CUResearch (coming soon). The application will request information related to research type, cannabis material and quantity to be used, location and personnel, security measures in place, inventory record keeping measures, destruction and waste management, and proof of other required approvals if applicable.



Cannabis Research Licensing Training is mandatory for all Carleton University faculty, staff and students involved in Cannabis Research.

How do I access this training?

  1. Visit Brightspace
  2. Sign in using your MC1 credentials.
  3. Search for the training using the term “EHS: Cannabis Research Licensing” through the Discover link in the navigation bar and self-register by following the on-screen instructions.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at