Carleton University has policies, programs and resources to support faculty and staff who are experiencing online harassment.

If at any time you feel that your safety is in jeopardy, contact Campus Safety Services immediately at 613-520-4444 or dial 4444 from any campus phone.

Carleton Policies and Programs

Workplace Harassment Policy

Workplace Harassment Prevention Program

General Information about harassment and violence protection in the workplace

Who to Contact

If you are a Faculty Member, Instructor or Teaching Assistant experiencing online harassment:

  1. Notify your Dean and/or department head immediately and/or Campus Safety Services and the Office of Risk Management.
  2. Keep all documents, emails or online posts related to the incident(s).
  3. Ensure that the Academic Labour Relations team has been notified.
If you are a Professional Services staff member experiencing online harassment:

  1. Notify your manager/supervisor immediately and/or Campus Safety Services and the Office of Risk Management.
  2. Document everything related to the incident(s) including, but not limited to conversations, documents, emails or online posts.
  3. Ensure that the Human Resources department has been notified.
  • The Director, Academic Labour Relations, Office of the Deputy Provost (or designate) is responsible for complaints of harassment related to academic employees. The Director, Labour Relations, Human Resources (or designate) is responsible for complaints related to professional services employees.
  • The Associate Vice-President (Students Affairs and Student Life) (or designate) is responsible for complaints of harassment related to students. In the case where the respondent is both a student and an employee, the complaint may be submitted to either of these offices but will be jointly received.
  • EMERGENCIES: 613-520-4444(ext. 4444 from any campus phone, 24/7)
    General Inquiries: 613-520-3612(ext. 3612 from any campus phone, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday)
  • 24-hour response to routine and emergency calls for security, medical, fire and police services
  • Promotes physical security, crime prevention, safety awareness and referrals to additional resources.
  • Liaises with Ottawa Police Services
  • Conducts Safety Audits in collaboration with the Office of Risk Management
  • Offers “Protect Yourself Programs” Protect Yourself – Campus Safety Services (

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program is available to all full-time, continuing faculty and staff. One of the benefits offered is Legal Referral and Consultation.
  • Family Services Ottawa connects clients with practicing lawyers who are skilled in their areas of need, for a free 30-minute telephone or in-person consultation. Lawyers are available to provide guidance in matters of civil, family, motor vehicle, wills and estates, real estate, immigration and criminal law.
  • Intake Office will consult with Carleton General Counsel on case-to-case basis for individuals that may require further legal support.