Day 1 of the Conference (November 3, 2022)

PANEL 1: Forced Displacement Across Borders

This panel looks at the responses of host nations to the influx of Ukrainian refugees, with an emphasis on political and public reactions, the historical basis for prejudice and acceptance, and the resettlement plans and migration system in place in Europe. A focus is placed on resettlement in Poland and other European states, as well as the difference in response to Ukrainian refugees versus racialized refugees of previous crises.

ROUNDTABLE 1: Refugee Roles and Actions in Europe/Ukraine

PANEL 2: Internal Displacement: Governance

This panel looks at governance as a factor in rehousing and supporting IDPs in Ukraine, looking specifically at how social practices of pluralism are affected by war and how the country’s governmental institutions respond to pluralistic values. Case studies of university dormitories being used as temporary housing and the lessons learned from a similar situation of displacement in Georgia are discussed to highlight the importance of governance in reacting rapidly to the crisis of IDPs in Ukraine.

PANEL 3: Internal Displacement: Citizenship and Culture

This panel looks at the role of cultural values in the success of IDPs and refugees when moving to different regions to escape the Russian invasion. Cultural pluralism between East and West Ukraine, the historical and cultural clashes and similarities between Ukrainians and members of host countries, and the role of religion and faith in forming bonds of kinship are all explored as factors determining the success of relocations.