Panel 5: Displacement in Eurasia: Beyond Ukrainians

Chair: David Sichinava (Carleton) (0:00-4:34)

Karina Goulordava (Koç University) and Vera Syrakvash (Carleton) (4:35-22:13)

Not Digital Nomads: Displaced and Self-Exiled Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian IT Specialists in Georgia and Turkey

Jennifer Wistrand (Miami University of Ohio) (22:14-43:34)

Implications of the Conflict in Ukraine for Eurasia’s Migrants and Displaced People: Competition Among the Displaced?

Dani Belo (Webster U) (43:35-1:05:03)

Stranded Communities: Russians outside of Russia in the Wake of the Ukraine Crisis

Discussant: David Carment (Carleton) (1:05:04-1:26:42)