Resources for further information on the war in Ukraine, the settlement of Ukrainian refugees, the situation on the ground for IDPs in Ukraine, and services available to Ukrainians in Canada.

War in Ukraine Observatory

The War in Ukraine Observatory provides practical information about Canada’s federal and provincial support for Ukrainians and offers resources and information on the war in general to members of the public and to university and high school faculty and students.

Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada

Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada (UADSC) works to help fleeing Ukrainians get to Canada by helping them with the CUAET applications, vetting hosts, and performing background checks. Upon arrival in Canada, UADSC uses partnership organizations to assist Ukrainians in navigating their new landscape.


Refugees Seeking Equal Access at the Table (R-SEAT) is an international initiative working to enhance the effectiveness of global refugee responses, by codesigning mechanisms to amplify refugee leadership ecosystems and increase the participation of refugees at state levels in a meaningful, sustainable, and transformative way.

UNHCR Ukraine

The UN Refugee Agency has a dedicated website that provides information and resources for internally displaced people and refugees in Ukraine. In addition to providing news and updates on the UNHCR efforts in Ukraine, the site offers information about volunteering and donating to the cause, as well as listing related NGOs that are currently working to assist Ukrainians displaced by the war.

Forum for Ukrainian Studies

The Forum for Ukrainian Studies is an open-access forum created by the Contemporary Ukraine Studies Program at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta. The forum is a research publication for the sharing of knowledge and insights by experts in the field of Ukrainian Studies and contains many up-to-date articles and posts about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (iDMC) is a useful resource for statistics and quantitative information and data related to the displacement of people in Ukraine.

Canada-Ukraine Foundation

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation is an NGO that engages in a number of humanitarian projects in Ukraine with a view to assisting displaced people. It works jointly with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to streamline relief efforts and raise funds.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is an umbrella body that brings together Ukrainian organizations, communities, and interest groups from across Canada and represents the Ukrainian diaspora on a provincial and federal level.