‘Did Somebody Say FOAPAL?’ Special Tip Series: Putting the L in FOAPAL

Today is the day! The final tip in the ‘Did Somebody Say FOAPAL?’ series is finally here. Are you ready for the surprise ending?   We don’t put the L in FOAPAL!

The L stands for location and here at Carleton we don’t bother with it. You’re welcome!


In the fall we’ll begin using indexes. An index is used as a shortcut which ties FOAPAL elements together. We’ll be issuing a follow up tip about iFOAPALs in the coming months. Unlike the release of a new apple device, we won’t make you wait in line or mortgage your home for it.

Wrapping up

We’ve heard you loud and clear that FOAPALs can be confusing. We certainly hope that this tip series has clarified

  • what FOAPALs are used for, and
  • the elements that they are made up of.

As always, please send any feedback or anything that still requires clarification to facts@carleton.ca.

Next week, we’ll be moving on to a series of tips from Procurement.

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