‘Did Somebody Say FOAPAL?’ Special Tip Series: Putting the O in FOAPAL

We are back with the third tip in this wildly popular ‘Did Somebody Say FOAPAL’ tip series.

What is an Organization Code?

It is the second element in a FOAPAL.  It is typically three or four digits in length.


The organization code is used to indicate ‘ownership’ of the transactions in a given fund, whether recording revenues or expenses.  In plain language, it represents the department or unit responsible for the fund.

In the case of research grants or contracts, the organization code is derived from the department of the Principal Investigator or research unit for which the Fund was opened.

What else is it called?

  • Org code
  • Orgn code
  • Org
  • Orgn

Why is the Organization Code important?

It is used for tracking and reporting departmental transactions.

The Take Away?

Departments generally do a great job getting their organization code correct.  Keep up the good work!

For the trivia lovers in the crowd, a little known fact about Organization Codes …

Organization code is the one set of numbers that was retained from the pre-banner system.

Where do I find more information?

A complete list of organization codes may be accessed by selecting FOAPAL codes from the main menu in FAST finance.

Further information on funds contact financial.services@carleton.ca .

Next week, we’re putting the first ‘A’ in FOAPAL.  Stay tuned!

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