What is it?

A travel advance is a payment made to a traveller prior to departing on a business trip.  The travel advance must be accounted for within 10 days of his or her return by submitting a travel expense report.

There are two types of travel advances:

  • Pre-paid Expenses Advance: The traveller has pre-paid elements of the trip (e.g. airfare, conference fees, accommodations) and can provide evidence of payment.  A reservation is not a pre-paid expense.  A pre-paid advance can only be issued if requested at least of 21 days prior to the return date of the trip or end of your event.
  • Cash Advance: A cash advance will only be paid out 2 weeks prior to departure.  A traveller is eligible for a cash advance if one or more of the following apply:
    • The traveller will be away for more than 14 consecutive days
    • The destination is outside of Canada or the US
    • The destination is in a rural or northern region of Canada where it is unlikely that credit card payments can be made

Why is it important?

Requesting a pre-paid travel advance allows you to pay charges on your credit card before they become due, and therefore you avoid any associated interest.

How do I request a Travel Advance?

Step by step instructions can be found in the ‘Requesting a Cash Advance Request’ how-to sheet.

Where do I find more information?

To request an advance, log into the SAP Concur Travel and Expense Reimbursement System.