What is it?

A Customs Broker acts as an intermediary between the importer, exporter, carriers, and Canada Border Services Agency to meet and enforce government regulations for exports and imports. They provide customs clearances for goods.

Why is it important?

A Customs Broker can help avoid costly delays and penalties that can result from improperly completed documentation or non-compliance with customs regulations. They will ensure compliance with customs regulations, which can be complex.

Carleton University has a Contract with a Customs Broker to facilitate customs clearance for the university’s goods being imported or exported.  Before you send anything outside of Canada, other than documents, a customs invoice will need to be prepared by Procurement Services.  Please email procurementservices@carleton.ca before you make shipping arrangements.

Where do I find more information?

For more information, visit Procurement Services’ Customs site, or email ProcurementServices@carleton.ca.