What is it?

When research is undertaken as part of an agreement with a funding agency through sponsorship outside of the University, the use of the monies is restricted by the terms and conditions of the underlying agreement. These projects are classified as Sponsored Research within the University chart of accounts and may also be referred to as externally restricted research.

Why is it important?

Once the formal agreement is signed by the funding agency, the Carleton University Research Office (CORIS) and the Principal Investigator (if required), and any required ethics clearances completed, a Fund number can be assigned by Research Financial Services and spending may begin on the project.

Reporting, both project and financial, may be required during and/or at the end of the project as per the terms of the agreement.

Where do I find more information?

  • For information about applying for external research funding, visit CORIS’ website.
  • For information about spending against your research Fund, allowable expenses, or financial reporting, contact the Research Financial Services’ Financial Officer assigned to your department.