What is it?

FAST is a suite of administrative software solutions that integrate with Banner allowing for easy and robust reporting and transaction processing activities.

Why is this important?

Financial Services provides access and support for the following FAST products:

  • Finance Reporting: The FAST Finance Reporting application¬†provides you with access to transactional details, various types of reports and queries, and information on actuals, encumbrances and budgets for all your Funds and/or orgns.
  • Budget and Forecasting: The FAST Budgeting and Forecasting application¬†allows you to request budget adjustments and view your budget adjustment history.
  • Research Administration and MyResearch: Use MyResearch to access information about your research grants and contracts, including current balances. Access departmental research funding summaries.
  • Journal Vouchers: Request a cost reallocation and send the transaction to another individual electronically.
  • Procurement Card: Reconcile your University Procurement Card transactions on a monthly basis or access your statement history.

Where do I find more information?