What is it?

A Limited Tendering Exception (LTE) is a request for approval to procure your good(s) or service(s) under one of the specific available exemptions to the Procurement Policy. Limited tendering is a non-competitive procurement process, so the LTE process is governed by all applicable trade obligations.

To make a request for an LTE, the requesting department must complete the Limited Tendering Justification Form, including selection of an appropriate exception code. A Limited Tendering Exception Code is a public sector procurement code (legislation) that waives competition requirements for the direct purchase of specific goods or services. These are the only circumstances where Limited Tendering may be requested.

Why is it important?

The university engages in competitive bidding of all procurements where practical, advantageous, and required under legislative requirements – regardless of dollar value. Exceptions to these requirements must not be for the purpose of avoiding competition, due to a lack of planning, or in order to discriminate against specific vendors.

Where do I find more information?

For more information, visit Procurement Services’ Limited Tendering Exceptions site, or email ProcurementServices@carleton.ca.