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The Marston LaFrance Research Fellowship

Each year, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences awards the Marston LaFrance Research Fellowship to one of its outstanding faculty members, in order to facilitate the completion of a major research project that requires significant release time. Once the year has completed, the Fellowship winner delivers a lecture on the research they were able to accomplish during their time as the Marston LaFrance Fellow. 

The Fellowship was established in 1979 by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in memory of Marston LaFrance, former Professor of English and Dean of Arts at Carleton University. Each year, the recipient presents a seminar or public lecture on some aspect of the research conducted while on the LaFrance Fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria

Marston LaFrance Research Fellowship Recipients

2021-2022Sarah Phillips Casteel, (English, ICSLAC, IAS, BGInS)TBD
2020-21Mark Anderson (History)Zombies and the Death of Certainty in the Land of Perennial Rebirth
2019-20Carol Payne (Art History)The Hunter, the Crown, and the Cameras: Tracing Inuit and Settler Connections Through Visual Culture and Visuality
2018-19W. R. Laird (History)The Renaissance of Mechanics
2017-18Sarah Brouillette (English)A Global History of Cultural Policy
2016-17Daiva Stasiulis (Sociology & Anthropology)The Emotional Cartography of Citizenship: The Lebanese Diaspora in the Shadow of War.
2015-16Sonya Lipsett-Rivera (History)The Origins of Macho: Men and Masculinity in Colonial Mexico
2014-15Nahla Abdo (Sociology & Anthropology)Women and the Anti-Colonial Struggle:  Between the Local and the International.
2013-14Jesse Stewart (School for Studies in Art & Culture: Music)Remix: Musical elements: form, process, representation, & community in my recent creative practice
2012-13Eros Corazza (Philosophy)Saying the same and first person thoughts.
2011-12Robert Coplan (Psychology)What the meek shall inherit:  The development of shyness in childhood.
2010-11Donald Beecher (English)Straparola’s Pleasant Nights:  Folk Tales and Fairy Tales in the First Age of Print.
2009-10Fiona MacKenzie (Geography & Environmental Studies)Crofting communities and land ownership in Scotland:  towards sustainable future.
2008-09Rod Phillips (History)From Diet to Discretion:  The Changing Meaning of Alcohol.
2007-08Sukeshi Kamra (English)The Infernal Propaganda Machine of 1907-1910 and the Making of the Nationalist Public Sphere.

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