About Carleton

Carleton University, Canada’s Capital University, is a dynamic research and teaching institution providing high-quality, post-secondary education to over 28,000 full- and part-time students. We are dedicated to the advancement of learning through disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching, study and research, the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and the betterment of our community.

Our location in the nation’s capital offers students access to a wealth of resources unavailable elsewhere, and our beautiful riverside campus provides a picturesque and stimulating environment in which to live and study.

Why Arts and Social Sciences?

The University is a meeting point between tradition and innovation. Excellent universities meet the challenge of maintaining both a transcendent commitment to knowledge, learning and the pursuit of truth and an acute awareness of the contemporary environments — local, national and global — in which they do their work.

Disciplines within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) are at the heart of continuing efforts to meet this modern challenge.

FASS faculty members conduct innovative and rigorous research in many fields of inquiry ranging from the geography of the Arctic to the great religions of Asia, from the individuality of the human personality to the universality of human expression in the arts and literature. Such research activity spans individual scholarship, collaborations with colleagues and students across the university and beyond, and participation in dynamic research centres that advance new intellectual frontiers.

FASS faculty members are fully engaged in teaching our students to develop the knowledge and talents which will allow them to pursue their studies in intellectually rewarding and socially productive ways, both while they are at Carleton and long after they graduate.

FASS sets ambitious goals for our undergraduate students, including dynamic literacy (including visual and aural), critical engagement and creative thinking, imaginative analysis and breadth of perspective, persistence, and integrity, an appreciation for paradox, complexity, even mystery — in a word, wisdom.

At the postgraduate level, the Faculty boasts an array of outstanding disciplinary and distinctive interdisciplinary programs at both the Masters and Doctoral levels. FASS offers a vibrant intellectual community which postgraduate students can engage with the major questions and concerns of their field while learning the skills and developing the experience that will help them to excel in their future careers, whether as teachers, researchers or in one of the many areas in which our graduates work and prosper.


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