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Your Future Career Advantage

Want to make the most of your time at Carleton University, and ensure you have every advantage when entering the competitive workforce?

First, choose a field that really interests you. Carleton’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a wide range of majors with flexible and interdisciplinary program options allowing you to explore your interests and strengths.

For those entering today’s job market, practical experience is a crucial asset. By incorporating work experience into your program, you can gain practical skills, connections, and an understanding of the working world, all of which will benefit you after graduation.

Active involvement in co-curricular activities will enhance your degree and can provide long-term personal and professional benefits. Carleton provides many opportunities for involvement in community-service learning activities, and there are more than 200 active clubs and societies on campus in which you can meet like-minded people and pursue a common goal.

As you progress through your degree, it is important to engage in career planning. We have many resources for career planning help and inspiration. Carleton’s Career Services provides career workshops and one-on-one advising.

An infographic showcasing the text above. The infographic says 1) Choose your field, 2)Gain Practical Experience, 3) Get Actively Involved, and 4) Begin Career Planning
Make the most of your degree to ensure you have every advantage when entering the workforce.

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