Victoria Wilson

Degree Year Conferred
BSc Food Science and Nutrition 2015
Employer Position Starting Year
JD Sweid Foods Product Developer 2016
JD Sweid Foods QA Technician 2015
A typical day at work looks like…
Typically my days are split between a few different tasks – from being in the lab making bench prototypes for customers and working on developing new products to being at my desk completing paperwork, generating product labels, Nutrition Facts Tables, formulations etc. I also spend my time in the plant running plant trials of new products, or working with our operation team on product improvements. Another part of my day is cutting product and going through sensory analysis and evaluation.
My future goals are…
My future goals are to explore new areas of the Food Industry. Currently, I work in the meat sector but I would love to learn and grow more in other areas like confectionery, bakery, and dairy.

I also have found a keen interest in sensory evaluation. I wish to learn more about the field and perhaps even end up working specifically in the sensory evaluation field.

My degree has helped me get to where I am today by…
I loved my time at Carleton! The Food Science program provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge that I use everyday. Having learned the basic scientific principles and how they relate to my food products is a big part of how I formulate and troubleshoot problems. The lab skills I developed have also been a huge help! Being comfortable in a lab space and having good practices and habits has been so valuable. Finally, gaining the knowledge of industry partners like CFIA and HC and their subsequent regulations shape how I do my job everyday! Regulations are always changing, so it is very important to understand them and know how they pertain to what you are doing! Carleton did a great job of supplying students with the knowledge of industry partners and how we all work together to ensure safe foods. Regulation and HACCP knowledge is so valuable once you enter the industry!
My advice for current students is…
Work hard and absorb as much knowledge as you can! A lot of the food science principles that you will learn, might be used in your job! Also, pay attention to the courses where you learn about industry practices and regulations. While this information can be dry, it is so critical to know while working in the food industry as it will be applied and used.Take advantage of co-op or any experience you can get in the field. Try to find an area of  interest, or an area where you think you may want to work in. This experience will be helpful when looking for a job after school!