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Research in Food Science at Carleton University aims to solve complex societal problems that impact lives through our food and environment. Our researchers work on food security using agri-food waste to increase the nutritional value of food. They take steps towards ensuring reductions in food loss and waste by developing biocontrol applications as alternatives to synthetic pesticides and preservatives to reduce food spoilage. Our researchers identify, characterize, and determine the modes of action for chemical hazards that contaminate food, water, and the environment. This work can inform food, agricultural, health, and environmental policies. Our researchers also offer solutions to societal problems by developing rapid testing methods for contaminants and biomarkers. These innovative tools can increase productivity and improve the safety of consumer products. We invite you to look at faculty research interests and find ways in which you can become a member of a cutting edge research team. Explore the additional research that also taps into analytical methods.

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