Photo of Farah Hosseinian

Farah Hosseinian


Degrees:Ph.D (University of Saskatchewan)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2048
Office:318 SC
Website:Farah Hosseinian

The Hosseinian Group conducts research in the area of phytochemistry/food biochemistry, focusing on:

  • The extraction and characterization of novel biomolecules (mainly phenolic lipids and their interaction with dietary fibre) from agri-food by-products/waste;
  • Investigating their structure-function relationship (biotransformation) in microemulsions/encapsulations in food and biological membranes (liposomes/artificial cell membranes);
  • Enhancing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activity for human health and well-being;
  • Applying techniques (e.g. fermentation and germination) to reduce anti-nutritional factors in foods;
  • And developing biomaterails from agri-food by-products/waste.

These novel biomolecules can have considerable potential for food science, agriculture, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, animal science and health science applications. Our lab is now more than 90% solvent free with innovative green techniques (SC-CO2 and Ultrasound) used to extract biomolecules.