Food Science and Nutrition at Carleton is distinct from other university level food science programs in the country. The Carleton program provides a solid science base in chemistry, biology, and biochemistry with a strong emphasis on assessment, management, and communication of risk in food safety. As a graduate of the program, you will not only be a skilled and knowledgeable scientist, you will also have the ability to assess risk and formulate policy. No other program in Canada offers this unique blend of science, economics, risk assessment, and regulation.

Hands on Experience

At Carleton, we believe you should gain real-life experience as soon as possible. That’s why you will be taking experimental lab courses right away in your first year. It is also why we provide a number of other valuable hands-on opportunities, such as summer internships and co-operative education possibilities to all our Science students.

The Capital Advantage

Carleton’s location in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, means that our programs and professors have strong links with government labs such as Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, as well as the National Research Council of Canada. Ottawa is also home to world-class libraries, robust high-tech and bio-tech sectors, teaching and research hospitals, industrysponsored labs and political organizations, all of which provide Carleton students with a wealth of possibilities for resources, placements, and work opportunities.