Photo of David  Miller

David Miller

Distinguished Research Professor

Degrees:Ph.D (University of New Brunswick)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1053
Office:228 SC
Website:The Miller Lab

The motivating scientific interest of my research is the role of fungal metabolites in determining population structure. I became interested in this during my postdoctoral work where I observed that distributions of marine fungi on wood seemed to be partially determined by the production by some species of anti-fungal metabolites.

Few academic research programs in North America work in the area of natural pro ducts from fungi and the program produces highly qualified personnel that will be able to seek careers in the pharmaceutical and environmental industries. This effort reflects also the Canadian Government priority to engage more scientists outside medical schools in the problems of medical research.

There are three lines of research conducted in the Miller laboratory.  Thefirst area of research is into the link between damp housing and health.  The second area is the role of endophyticfungi in conifer needles.  Thirdly we conduct research on toxinsin food.

The Miller Lab