What else do I need to know or do before the end of the term?
Once the selection of supervisors has been finalized, there is little for you to do until September.  If your supervisor works in government, he/she will arrange for you to apply for security clearance.  This process can be lengthy, and therefore must be started before the summer term.

Starting in September, information and documents relating to FOOD4907 and FOOD4908 will be communicated via cuLearn for all students registered in one of the two courses.  In the meantime, here is a brief overview of what you can expect for your FOOD4907 or FOOD4908 courses.

  • In mid-September, you will provide a title and a brief description of your project to the course coordinator.  The title and description should be approved and signed by your supervisor.
  • To ensure proper progress in your project, thesis writing and poster, you will submit two interim (early Nov, early Feb) progress reports.  These progress reports should also be approved and signed by your supervisor.
  • By mid-March, your experiments (FOOD4908) and statistical analyses should be nearing the end.  Your written thesis should also be in close to final form.  You will be asked to submit an abstract of your project for the upcoming Faculty of Science Research Day.
  • In the first week of April, you will submit your thesis to your committee for grading purposes. Your evaluators will likely recommend a number of corrections. The course requirements will only be met once you have addressed the corrections in a satisfactory manner according to your supervisor.
  • You can print three copies of your corrected thesis for binding purposes. One bound copy will be yours, one will be for your supervisor, and the last copy will stay in the Department of Chemistry.
  • You will also present your work in poster form at the Faculty of Science Research Day in early April.  At this event, you will be asked to describe and summarize your work.  You should expect questions from peers and professors alike.