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Using Social Media as an Academic

February 26, 2024 at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Audience:Current Students


Social media is playing an increasingly important role in our culture and our professional lives, whether we like it or not. While it has its potential pitfalls, social media also provides space for the formation of academic and professional communities that can provide you with opportunities to share your research, sharpen your writing skills, network, and job hunt. In this workshop we will look at some basic principles you can follow in order to locate a social media “ecosystem” that works for you, so that you can find opportunities for productive public engagement as a graduate student or postdoc.

Learning outcomes:

(1) Consider the diversity of ways we can communicate through social media

(2) Learn different approaches for disseminating information on social media

(3) Understand niche media ecosystems and the importance of “news pegs,” the news cycle, and the “take cycle”

(4) Learn how to engage in risk management when it comes to public engagement, given the ugly side of social media

Workshop leader(s):

David Lafferty

Please note: All graduate students are welcome. If you are a TA, this session counts toward voluntary paid training hours, provided that you are working as a TA in the term when the training takes place.


Career Management; Innovation & Collaboration; Community Engagement; Communication; Digital Literacy


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