TRAJECTORIES is a new professional development program designed specifically for Carleton graduate students and postdocs. It offers multiple Skill Pathways comprised of workshops and modules that cover a wide array of in-demand skills. Each Skill Pathway provides a blueprint for enhancing key career competencies and improving overall employability.

We currently offer the following five Skill Pathways:

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Career Planning & Job Hunting

Professional Writing

Communications & Engagement

Research Management

Business & Personal Finance

TRAJECTORIES is informed by the three components of effective professional development:

  1. Learn: attend workshops and modules to start developing new skills and tools and learn some of the principles of professional development
  2. Implement: practice applying what you learn in workshops and modules, whether within your ongoing academic projects or in your non-academic activities
  3. Consult: request a consultation to receive feedback on your work, plans, and progress

Use our Progress Tracker to record your attendance and reflections after participating in each session:

Progress Tracker

You can follow the TRAJECTORIES pathways on your own, or you can contact us to consult on how to proceed. Just send an email to or and let us guide you through!


Core Pathway

Skill Pathways

Career Planning & Job Hunting

Professional Writing

Communications & Engagement

Research Management

Business & Personal Finance

  • Workshop: Establish Your Career Narrative: Identify Your Skills

  • Workshop: Establish Your Career Narrative: Explore the Job Market

  • Workshop: Establish Your Career Narrative: Enhance Your Employability

  • Interview Series:
    Alt-Ac and Beyond

  • Workshop:
    The Hows and Whys of Networking

  • Interview Series: Alumni Conversations

  • Workshop:
    The Alt-Ac Launchpad

  • Workshop: Resume and Cover Letter Development

  • Workshop: LinkedIn & Networking
  • Workshop: Writing Academic Articles

  • Workshop: Writing Grant Proposals

  • Workshop: Writing Reports

  • Workshop: Creating Portfolios

  • Workshop: Managing the Writing Process

  • Workshop: Writing in the Workplace
  • Workshop: Engaging with Audiences through Storytelling

  • Workshop:
    The Hows and Whys of Networking

  • Workshop: Introduction to Knowledge Mobilization

  • Workshop: Copywriting

  • Workshop:
    Get Connected! Finding Your Social Media Ecosystem
  • Workshop: Thesis & Dissertation Layout Made Easy

  • Workshop: Grey is the New Black–Grey Literature: How to Find It?

  • Workshop: Systematic & Scoping Reviews: An Overview & Demonstration

  • Workshop: Introduction to SPSS

  • Workshop: Introduction to Research Data Management

  • Workshop: Stata: An Introduction

  • Workshop: Nvivo (various)
  • Workshop: Budgeting & Expense Planning

  • Workshop: Debt & Credit Scores

  • Workshop: Introduction to Investing

  • Workshop: Cryptocurrencies & Beyond

  • Workshop:
    Digital Privacy & Identity Theft

  • Workshop: Things to Know Before Starting a Business

For more information, contact the Graduate Professional Development team:

David Lafferty, PhD

Karim Abuawad, PhD