The Certificate in Communications & Engagement consists of workshops in which participants are introduced to the world of communications practice and learn how to better engage with both academic and non-academic audiences. It is suited to those wishing to better communicate their research, develop their communication skills, or pursue work in the broad field of communications.

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Learning Outcomes

In completing this certificate, graduate students will enhance their skills in:

1) knowledge mobilization, or making academic research accessible;

2) communicating with the public and other academics through social media;

3) copywriting, or writing to sell or persuade; and

4) engaging audiences through storytelling.

Sessions Offered as Part of this Pathway

“Group 1” workshops:

Engaging with Audiences through Storytelling

Introduction to Knowledge Mobilization


Creating Portfolios

Using Social Media as an Academic

“Group 2” workshops:

Writing Grant Proposals

Introduction to Report Writing

Writing in the Workplace

Currently Scheduled Sessions