2022 Contest

The 2022 GRADflix showcase took place on Tuesday, May 31, on Zoom. The following videos were chosen by our judges as the top 3:

First place: Matthew Coffey, Biology, “Studying Lobelia Mating System Using Citizen Science”

Second place: Alicia Halhed, Biology, “Breaking Barriers: When Plants Talk to Microbes”

Third place: ChangAn Zhu, Information Technology, “Using Vision-Based Depth Detection to Simplify Video Post-Production”

People’s choice: Saman Karim, Computer Science, “Exploring Accessibility and Companionship in Board Games via Alexa”

More info and videos will be posted soon!

GRADflix, which originated at the University of Waterloo, is a research video competition for graduate students. Each contestant may submit one video about their research, and all videos must be no longer thanĀ one minute in length. Videos must contain both movement and sound. Prizes will be awarded for first ($1000), second ($500), and third place ($250) winners, according to the determination of our judges, along with an extra cash prize ($250) for the people’s choice award.

All video submissions are due by Wednesday, May 18.

Click here for rules and eligibility requirements.

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

First Place: Narmin Tartila Banu (Management), Ugly Food to Fight Climate Change

Second Place: Rebecca Pinto (Mechanical Engineering), Heating Homes in Cold Climates with Solar Energy

Third Place and People’s Choice Award: Kevan MacKay (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Innovating at the Speed of Light