The Research Management Pathway aims to enhance participants’ research capacity by introducing them to research tools, methods, and practices used by both academic and professional researchers. Sessions offered as part of this pathway help participants improve their research through utilizing a variety of research technologies. This includes gaining familiarity with qualitative and quantitative research management software, carrying out research processes in an organized manner, documenting data collection, using statistics software to conduct analysis of large volumes of data, formatting research documents effectively, as well as learning the basic functionalities of commercial research tools. This pathway is suitable to those who seek to leverage digital research tools in their ongoing academic research as well as to those interested in becoming familiar with research tools used in many non-academic research-oriented professions.

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Learning Outcomes

(1) Gain familiarity with key academic and commercial data analysis software packages

(2) Apply the functionalities of common software packages to format various elements of research documents

(3) Apply digital tools and techniques to track and document the collection and presentation of both qualitative and quantitative research data

(4) Learn practices and approaches used to prepare various research documents such as reviews and research data management plans

(5) Learn practices and approaches that allow researchers to conduct research processes effectively

Sessions Offered as Part of this Pathway

“Group 1” workshops:

Project Management for Research Projects

Thesis & Dissertation Layout Made Easy

Grey is the New Black–Grey Literature: How to Find It?

Introduction to Research Data Management

Systematic and Scoping Reviews: An Overview and Demonstration

“Group 2” workshops:

Introduction to Quantitative Research

Introduction to Citation Management

NVivo (various)

Introduction to Data Cleaning and Restructuring using SPSS

Stata: An Introduction

Introduction to SPSS

Introduction to Qualtrics

Currently Scheduled Sessions