The Professional Writing Pathway introduces participants to key writing practices, approaches, and techniques pertinent to a variety of professional fields. The sessions offered as part of this pathway are organized around a wide range of topics, but they are all informed by a twofold aim: (1) developing the writing versatility needed to address different audiences using conventions applicable to distinct contexts and (2) enhancing the capacity to express ideas in concise, coherent, and compelling text. To achieve this aim, participants learn about the options available to writers as well as about the writing process itself, including planning, drafting, revising, and editing. In addition to learning about the conventions and the process, participants gain proficiency in proper document formatting and in the use of effective organizational patterns—all discussed within a specific professional context and with identifiable goals. The in-demand writing skills participants develop are designed to improve career prospects and to enhance job readiness.

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Learning Outcomes

(1) Manage each aspect of the writing process, including planning, drafting, revising, and editing

(2) Employ various strategies, conventions, practices, and techniques to achieve writing objectives

(3) Implement a variety of formats and organizational patterns based on expectations, context, and audience

(4) Develop writing flexibility and adaptability to meet different writing demands 

(5) Enhance capacity to evaluate text and implement changes

Sessions Offered as Part of this Pathway

Managing the Writing Process

Writing in the Workplace

The Editing Process

Writing in Plain Style

Introduction to Report Writing

Writing Academic Articles

Writing Grant Proposals


Introduction to Knowledge Mobilization

Currently Scheduled Sessions