Advanced Foundation Systems

  1. Evolution of pile capacity over time in soft clays
  2. Innovative Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene pile foundations
  3. Enhancement of shaft capacity of cast-in-place piles using a hook system
  4. Seismic site response and Soil-Foundation-Structure interfaction in soft clays
  5. Modifying earthquake amplification by soil improvements
  6. Seismic retrofitting of existing piles using geo-foam
  7. Performance of pile foundations in warming permafrost (Climate Change)
  8. Novel foundation system for bollards and barriers

Modern Landfill Facilities

  1. Hydraulic performance of clay barriers in modern landfills
  2. Stabilization and settlement of municipal solid waste landfills
  3. Application of geosynthetic clay liners in tailing dams
  4. Minimizing greenhouse gas emission from landfills (Climate Change)

Geotechnical Hazards Investigation and Mitigation

  1. Soil improvements using additives
  2. Landslide occurrence prediction
  3. Explosive effects on earth embankment dams
  4. Effect of global warming on shear strength of frozen soils
  5. Stability analysis of highway embankments in permafrost