Charlotte (entering 4th yr GRS and Law), Nigel (just graduated GRS and History, starting an MA in Public History at Western) are helping Professor Laura Banducci study artefacts from the archaeological site of Gabii until the end of June.

They visited the Etruscan necropolis at Cerveteri, which was particularly special because Professor Banducci first taught them both about this site when they took her course on Pre-Roman archaeology in Winter 2021.

Charlotte:  Working in the finds lab for the legacy project has been a great experience, we have gained many skills like technical drawing, ceramic chronology, measurement, data entry and so much more. Dr. Banducci is an inspiring teacher and mentor who is equipping and training new and aspiring archaeologists in an Italian context. It has also been great to visit places in the area like Cerveteri which I first learned about in her class.