Deadline: October 31, 2022
2022-23 Dr. Joy Calkin Student Bursaries
Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood
and Children’s Rights
The Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights at Carleton
University invites applications for the 2022-23 Dr. Joy Calkin student bursaries. The Muttart
Foundation funded the bursaries in 2021 as a gift to the Hon. Landon Pearson; they were named in
memory of Dr. Joy Calkin, a long-time Member and Director of The Muttart Foundation, who
passed away in 2020.
Hon. Landon Pearson, O.C.
To honour Joy Calkin and to celebrate Landon Pearson and her concern for rights in infancy and
early childhood, the student bursaries are awarded each year to a senior undergraduate student, a
senior Indigenous student, and a graduate student undertaking early childhood research such as
maternal and child health, using a children’s rights-respecting approach. This may include
childbirth and postnatal care and nurture; access to early learning and care opportunities; support
for families with young children; health promotion; and policy research, and research that supports
the right to play. Student research that examines rights-respecting best practices or that envisions a
rights-respecting best practice to address an issue for infants and young children in a practical way
are welcome, as is research that examines the impacts of child and family public policy from a
children’s rights-based perspective.
Each student bursary is in the amount of $5,000. The funds are to be used to for education-related
expenses ($4500) and subsequent travel costs ($500) to enable award recipients to present their
findings at the annual Child Rights Academic Network (CRAN) conference in Ottawa, Ontario.
One application per student.

1. Any student enrolled full-time in a children’s rights or allied field in an undergraduate program
at the 4th year level, or in a graduate program at a Canadian university regardless of citizenship or
nation is eligible for the award. One application per student only.
2. Funds must be spent on educational expenses directly related to the student’s honours research
paper or capstone project for fourth year students; graduate major research paper, thesis or
dissertation approved by their academic advisor for graduate students. Status and eligibility must be
confirmed in the academic letter of recommendation.
Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for the bursaries by providing the
following materials prior to the deadline listed below. All materials should be submitted as one pdf
document and sent via email with the subject line “Dr. Joy Calkin Bursary application” to: by October 31, 2022. Results will be announced on National
Child Day, November 20 2022 and posted on the Landon Pearson Centre website
1. Max. 500-word project description that includes the research issue and question(s), research
objectives and aims, methods, primary research tasks, and potential outcomes.
2. Additional max. 300-word statement that addresses how the research uses a children’s rightsbased approach and how it will offer potential applied advances to improve the lives of infants and
young children.
3. Plan for research (one page max).
4. Curriculum Vitae
5. Academic letter of recommendation (included or under separate cover)
All materials, excluding letter of recommendation, should be submitted as a single PDF document.
Three awards will be presented annually: one award to a senior undergraduate student (4th year
standing), one award to a graduate student (MA or PhD standing, any year), and one award to a
senior Indigenous student (4th year or graduate student standing).
Each recipient receives $5,000 issued upon acceptance of the award.
Each recipient agrees to use $500 of the award to supplement the costs of traveling to the CRAN
annual conference during the year of the award where they will make a short 10-minute
presentation on their work. CRAN typically takes place the final Friday in April each year at
Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.