I-CUREUS provides students the opportunity for a valuable research experience as students can have access to research scholarships, mentoring and hands-on experience in the field of Childhood and Youth Studies. I-CUREUS will fund the student intern for up to 150 hours at $15 per hour during the summer term. Students will learn how to implement effective research techniques, develop connections with their supervising professor, and will write a research paper under faculty supervision. Students will work directly with a faculty member and propose their research, once the research is complete students will present their research at an annual research fair. This is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to conduct research alongside an experienced faculty member whilst gaining knowledge and learning from such a rich and valuable experience.

More information or to apply for I-CUREUS can be found at:  https://carleton.ca/discoverycentre/icureus-student-information/ 

Student Testimonial

“My name is Sarah Hembruff and I am a 4th year student in the Childhood and Youth Studies program. I have been fortunate enough to participate in I-CUREUS twice as a research assistant with my supervisor Dr. Julie Garlen. I-CUREUS provided me an opportunity to apply knowledge and practices learned in class to research in the field of Childhood and Youth Studies. The first time I participated in I-CUREUS I assisted Dr. Garlen in producing a literature review which examined popular culture, childhood and youth studies, and curriculum studies for an Encyclopedia entry. In my second time participating in I-CUREUS I assisted Dr. Garlen in applying for a grant application in which Dr. Garlen proposed a participatory research project with girls on social media literacy and activism. In turn, the knowledge I gained and the chance I received to further develop my skills and gain practical experience and knowledge by doing research with a member of faculty in my discipline assisted me in my Childhood and Youth Studies courses and in other research opportunities that I have been involved with. Another great part of my experience with I-CUREUS was the chance to participate in the FUSION Skill Development Curriculum which allowed me to further develop my metacognition, communication and problem-solving skills, all of which have been identified as critical to 21st century success and leadership.”-Sarah Hembruff