Below is a helpful FAQ to guide students through the changes to the degree program and course selection.

We encourage students to contact the Institute if they require clarification of program requirements.


Old Program Requirements vs. New Program Requirements


Child Studies (old)

Childhood and Youth Studies (new)

First Year Requirements 0.5 credit CHST 1000

0.5 credit CHST 1002

0.5 credit PSYC 1001

0.5 credit PSYC 1002

0.5 credit SOCI 1001

0.5 credit SOCI 1002

1.0 credits CHST 1003
Second Year Requirements 0.5 credits CHST 2503

0.5 credits CHST 2504

0.5 credits PSYC 2500

0.5 credits CDNS or INDG

1.0 credits from:

CHST 2000

PSYC 2001

SOCI 2000

0.5 credits CHST 2001

0.5 credits CHST 2003

Third Year Requirements Honours – 2.5 credits


General – 2.0 credits


2.5 credits CHST

(Honours & General)

0.5 credits CHST/HIST/SOCI

Fourth Year Requirements
1.5 credits at the 3000 or

4000 level in CHST, PSYC, or SOCI

0.5 credits CHST/HIST/SOCI

1.0 credits CHST/SOCI

1.5 credits CHST (3000 or above)

Update recommendations for Students Enrolled Prior to 2019/20

Current Standing/Degree



Honours or Gen.
Update More elective choices, fewer requirements in second year. No second-year PSYC requirements.
Consider updating if you have completed CHST 2000 AND CHST 2503. Seek advice before updating.

If have not completed CHST 2503 and 2000, updating is not recommended.

An additional credit is needed to meet new third year requirements. If you have not completed the second-year courses, you may find it difficult to meet these requirements.
Consider updating if you wish to take primarily CHST courses in your third and fourth year and no PSYC.

If you have not completed both CHST 2503 and CHST 2000, you may still update but should seek advice first.

The new major requirements only add 0.5 credits.

NOTE: If you update, completed PSYC and SOCI courses will move to electives. Consider your options for a minor.

Do not update. Missing third-year requirements and additional fourth-year credits may cause problems.

How old courses count in the new program

If you took:


CHST 1000 and CHST 1002 You don’t need CHST 1003
CHST 1000 or CHST 1002
(but not both)
You don’t need CHST 1003. Take 0.5 credit in CDNS or INDG to meet the first-year requirement. You must request an exception
CHST 2000 You don’t need CHST 2003
CHST 2503 or CHST 2504 You don’t need CHST 2001
CHST 2504 You have 0.5 credit in Requirement #5
CHST 2504 and CHST 2504 You have satisfied the requirement for CHST 2001 (CHST 2503) and one major elective course (the course will be counted towards section 5 of the audit)
CHST 3001 You don’t need CHST 3103

How new courses count in the old program

If you need:


CHST 2000 Take PSYC 2001 or SOCI 2000
CHST 2503 Take CHST 2003
CHST 2504 Take CHST 2001
CHST 3000 Take CHST 3201
CHST 3001 Take CHST 3103
CHST 4000 Take CHST 3302