How to share a file or folder using OneDrive’s web interface

You can share OneDrive files and folders with other OneDrive users. You can also use the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to simultaneously update a file with someone with whom you’ve given file access.

Open OneDrive Office 365 OneDrive launch screenshot

  • Log onto the web interface for OneDrive: (staff/faculty) (students or staff/faculty)

  • Select the “waffle grid” icon in the upper-left hand corner ① of the browser window, and then click on the OneDrive icon, ②.

Office 365 OneDrive sharingSelect the folder to be shared

  • Select the folder to be shared ①,
  • Click on the Share menu, as shown ②.

You can also share files, but sharing a folder gives you more flexibility as you can add and remove files from a shared folder, and they will be shared as per the enclosing folder.

Office 365 OneDrive specify sharing recipientEnter the email address to share

  • Enter the email address(es) with whom you’d like to share this folder,①

  • Press Send ② to alert them that folder has been shared to them, and provide a convenient link to their OneDrive’s web interface.

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