LinR lecturer AdrianCho

Adrian Cho practices and teaches individual and collaborative creativity to people and teams, drawing from decades of experience in business and software development (IBM, Fujitsu, Bankers Trust, and Shopify) as well as in artistic domains such as music and photography. In over 40 years of performing music, Adrian has played a number of different instruments, and now performs primarily as a jazz bassist. Since 2006 he has been the Artistic Director of the Ottawa Jazz Orchestra. Combining his experiences in arts and business, Adrian developed The Jazz Process, an execution-oriented framework for collaboration, innovation, and agility that can help teams in any domain improve their performance. His book, The Jazz Process: Collaboration, Innovation and Agility, published by Addison-Wesley in 2010, has been endorsed by a diverse collection of thought leaders. Read more at

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Adrian’s Fall 2018 lecture series, “A Brief History of Jazz”:

  • This was incredibly well structured and presented.  I really learned a lot about a subject I knew very little about. Adrian was very generous in presenting us with an in-house concert and it was an absolute delight to interact with him and his fellow musicians.  I would highly recommend this series be repeated as often as Adrian can fit it into his future endeavours.
  • Adrian Cho is a very knowledgeable and engaging lecturer who kept the series interesting from beginning to end.
  • Enjoyed the live performance immensely. It was truly enjoyable to have such talented musicians and vocalist play for us and talk about their craft, as well as improvise different timing and techniques. Also enjoyed the choice of jazz examples and Adrian’s passion and in-depth knowledge about not only the history of jazz but the local scene. I came away with a better understanding and some of that passion rubbed off!
  • I was most satisfied with the lecturer’s ability to deliver information in detail without use of notes or just reading from the screen. He was truly an expert with tremendous communication skills and the ability to break down the content to all types and levels of learners.
  • Adrian lectures from experience and passion but along the way he throws in practicality.  What does happen when the musicians get lost?? I also particularly liked the use of the bass by Adrian in the first lecture and the live music event in the 5th week.
  • Adrian Cho is a great lecturer – knowledgeable, organized, funny, and engaging.  Loved his insights into what and how musicians play solos/improv.  The quartet playing on week 5 was such a bonus. Thank you.
  • Lecturer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and had a great teaching style. Enjoyed lecture pace and appreciated that various music terms or musical styles were demonstrated with live performances or pre-recorded music. And, especially loved the live music concert session where instructor and 3 other musicians played various pieces to teach/show us how all the musical elements fit together.
  • Received broad coverage of material noted in the outline. Was exposed to artists and music I had not heard of/listened to, before. Lectures were well presented. Audio materials were most appreciated. Adrian was very responsive to questions from participants. He has a good sense of humour and used it well in presenting information. Musicians coming in to demonstrate different styles of Jazz was a highlight of the series. Adrian’s enthusiasm has considerably increased my interest in the subject matter.