What is the Learning in Retirement program?

The Learning in Retirement (LinR) program is a non-credit program for retired individuals and others interested in life-long learning. LinR provides the opportunity to learn for personal satisfaction while participating in a community of life-long learners who enjoy reading, listening and discussing topics of common interest. There are no prerequisites or exams.

Do I have to be retired to participate in LinR?

No. Our lecture series are geared towards a retired audience and are generally offered during the daytime, but anyone with an interest in a given topic is welcome to register, regardless of age.

I’m not a Carleton alumnus. Can I still sign up and participate in LinR?

Yes! Our program is open to the general public.

Are there any prerequisites?

No. If the lecture series description appeals to you please don’t hesitate to register!

How long does one lecture series run for?

In most cases, each lecture series meets once a week, for two hours, for six consecutive weeks.

Do you offer LinR lecture series in the summer months?

Yes! LinR currently holds six sessions per calendar year. Normally they run as follows:

    • Winter: Mid-January to late February
    • Early Spring: Late February to early April
    • Late Spring: Early April to mid-May
    • Summer: Early June to late June
    • Fall Session I:  Mid-September to late October
    • Fall Session II: Early November to mid-December
LinR lecture series typically run for 6 weeks, what can I expect each week?

Most of our lecture series have some lecture-based components, with open discussion and films. Others also have demonstrations, hands-on learning and field trips.

How do I register in a LinR lecture series?

Registration is required for all lecture series and a variety of registration options are available. Please visit our website at carleton.ca/linr for our registration details and dates.

What fees are associated with LinR?

Typically, lecture series cost $135 (HST included), workshop-style lecture series cost $195 (HST included), and language series workshops cost $250 (HST included). Parking passes are also available for purchase for a nominal fee. Please note that lecture series and parking fee increases are subject to change from time to time.

Generally speaking, Learning in Retirement lecture series are not tax deductible.

What if I have to withdraw from a lecture series?

Lecture series withdrawals must be requested by email or telephone before the beginning of the second class. In this instance, a full registration fee credit will be placed on your Learning in Retirement account at Carleton University. If parking was purchased, a parking credit will be placed on your LinR account as well (subject to proration if the first class was attended and a parking pass was used). These credits do not have an expiry date and can be used towards any future Learning in Retirement session. A letter or e-mail confirming the withdrawal and credit on your account will be sent and should be retained for your records. Any requests for withdrawal following two or more classes are not eligible for lecture series or parking fee credit. We are unable to provide credit or refunds for books, coursepacks, and/or supply fees. There are no refunds (consideration may be given in cases of medical emergency or illness, documentation may be requested).

I’d like to transfer from one lecture series to another. Is that possible?

Yes. Should a participant wish to transfer from one lecture series to another (within the same session), an e-mail or telephone call (613-520-3699) to the Learning in Retirement office is required before the beginning of the second class. A letter or e-mail confirming the participant’s transfer to another lecture series will be sent and should be retained for the participant’s records. Lecture series transfers are subject to space availability.

The lecture series I’m looking to register in is already full. Can I be placed on a waiting list? 

Yes. If a lecture series is full you have the option of being placed on the lecture series waiting list. All waiting list requests are processed in sequence by the date/time they were received. Learning in Retirement staff monitor waiting lists daily. When a space becomes available the person at the top of the list will be contacted via telephone and given the opportunity to register and pay for the lecture series. If the first person on the list declines the spot, we then move to the next person on the waiting list.

Can I use the library if I’m currently registered in a LinR lecture series?

Absolutely! Your registration within the current Learning in Retirement session will entitle you to temporary borrowing privileges with Carleton’s MacOdrum Library. We will provide details on the first day of class.

I’m registered for a lecture series and a major snowstorm is occurring in the city. Will my lecture series run?

By default, it should be assumed that Learning in Retirement lecture series will always run regardless of weather conditions. In the unlikely event of a class cancellation all participants will be notified via telephone and e-mail. A make-up class will be held (usually during the week following the originally scheduled last class). No partial credits will be offered to those who cannot attend the make-up class.

How can I purchase a parking pass?

At the time of lecture series registration you can purchase a parking pass. Alternatively, you can also purchase a pass through our office at any time by calling 613-520-3699. Parking passes are issued for the parking lot immediately next to the Leeds House building, where most LinR classes are held.

Are there designated parking spots for persons with disabilities near the LinR classroom?

Yes. There are a few parking spots designated for persons with disabilities in the semi-circular drop-off zone outside the tunnel entrance near the Leeds House building. A parking pass is required for these spaces and your valid Accessible Parking Permit (APP).

I don’t require a parking pass but plan on taking public transit to get to Carleton University. Can you provide more information about this?

Ottawa’s light rail system (The O Train) and bus (OC Transpo) both provide service to Carleton University in the way of direct stops on campus. OC Transpo routes #4 and #7 have a stop on Campus Ave. right outside Stormont Dundas House (which is right beside the Leeds House building, where all Learning in Retirement classes are held).

We highly recommend that you consult with OC Transpo’s website at: octranspo1.com/splash and The O Train’s website at: octranspo1.com/routes/o-train/ for up-to-date information about routes and fares.

I’d like to drop-in to a lecture series to try it out. Is this possible?

Yes! For those who wish to drop-in to a class please call 613-520-3699 to make arrangements. Dropping-in is subject to space availability and a $20.00 fee, per person, per class.

What is your privacy policy?

We believe in your right to privacy. Learning in Retirement at Carleton University never releases its mailing list information to third parties in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (FIPPA). For complete details on Carleton’s privacy policy please click here. In addition, Learning in Retirement never keeps credit card numbers on file. If you no longer wish to receive information from the Learning in Retirement program, please e-mail us or call us at 613-520-3699.