Below are the most recent course prospecti/syllabi/outlines for courses taught by Professor Manthorpe.

CHEM 3201: Advanced Organic Chemistry I Fall 2022 Prospectus: CHEM 3201 Prospectus 2022 PRELIMINARY June 21
This course on structure determination of molecules is taught in the fall term each year. This is NOT your typical organic chemistry course where you would be expected to learn the starting materials, mechanism, and products of a reaction. This course teaches you have to figure out what the product of your reaction is. It is focussed on problem solving and students develop skills in critical and analytical thinking, as well as solving multidimensional problems (i.e., problems that draw on several different types of data).

CHEM 3202: Advanced Organic Chemistry II Winter 2020 (i.e., the last pre-pandemic) Prospectus: CHEM 3202 2020 Prospectus (Jan 16)
This course is taught in the winter term each year and it IS your typical organic chemistry course where you learn starting materials, mechanisms, and products of a reaction. HOWEVER, in this course we focus very heavily on the WHY reactions happen so that rather than memorizing organic chemistry reactions, you understand why they proceed. Once you understand why they happen, understanding how they happen (i.e., the mechanism) because much more straightforward. I love this course! If you are a chemist, this is the course where you stop memorizing reactions and start to truly understand the logic of organic chemistry. If you are a biochemist, this course will give you a whole new appreciation of what is happening in biochemical pathways.