Our group is broadly focused on synthetic organic chemistry, particularly with a direct eye to applications in the biochemistry world and engineering. Our approach to research is highly collaborative with other academic researchers and corporate partners.

We have recently developed innovative applications of diazomethane to enhancing the analysis of certain biological molecules, particularly certain lipids and peptides, via mass spectrometry through the introduction of fixed, permanent positive charge(s). This work has been dubbed TrEnDi (Trimethylation Enhancement using Diazomethane) and is done in conjunction with our colleague Prof. Jeff Smith (Carleton University, Department of Chemistry). Extension and expansion of this work is ongoing, with current directions focused on the development of new derivatization reagents, expansion of the scope of substrates suitable for derivatization, and facilitating new fragmentation pathways in tandem mass spectrometry that will facilitate structure identification.

Our group is also currently engaged in a collaboration with Prof. Ron Miller (Carleton University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) to understand the chemical fate of antioxidants in lubricating oils. This work involves the synthesis of various compounds proposed to be the oxidized antioxidants. This work is aimed at improving the understanding of how lubricants are oxidized and their functional lifetimes.

Our group’s expertise and previous work encompasses the total synthesis of natural products, including lipids, polyketides and terpenes; as well as methodologies, including metal-catalyzed organic processes.