Apply to teach an MCP course

The Mini-Courses Program (MCP) provides students from grades 8 to 11 with the chance to experience Carleton University for a one-week enriched learning experience.

The Undergraduate Recruitment Office is looking for enthusiastic Faculty, Staff and/or Graduate Students who are interested in teaching an MCP course to a group of bright young students during the first week of May.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an MCP Course Instructor.

Submit an MCP course proposal

Do you have a subject that you are passionate about teaching? Submit an MCP course proposal.

Applications are now CLOSED for May 2024.

*Applications are typically open from October – November every year.

Tips and tricks for submitting a successful proposal

  • Have a conversation with your department head or supervisor about your intention to teach a mini course. This is a great way to both communicate the time commitment for course week and to gain ideas, from past courses, on the types of activities that have been offered. Your department head or supervisor will also let you know what resources they have to support you in planning your course (materials, connections, funding etc.)
  • The course title is extremely important!!! Students are given over 160 courses to choose from each year, your title needs to be captivating and relevant for students (Grades 8-11); the title is what encourages them to click on your course description. Courses should be designed to give students a glimpse of what they can study within your department.
  • Although we encourage students to attend the full week of classes, it is important to indicate if students must attend specific days for lab safety training, group work, presentations, etc.
  • Having a co-instructor(s) helps relieve pressure from executing a 5-day course week alone. Another option for teaching support is inviting guest lecturers from your department to speak with your students.
  • All courses will be required to submit a backup instructor(s) name in case of emergency. It is important for the reputation of your program and the University that courses are not cancelled after the registration deadline.
  • Will you be using (undergraduate) students volunteers? The MCP has a volunteer position within the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). We are happy to CCR credit to all undergraduate students who support courses in any capacity. This can be as simple as having an extra pair of eyes on specific day, extra hands on a fielding trip, or helping answer questions around projects through the week.
  • Taking advantage of workshops and resources. Courses that are selected will receive an MCP Instructor Training Manual to help guide you through the planning, dates and deadlines . The MCP team also organizes workshops with Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) specific to teaching students in grade 8-11, however there are other opportunities on campus to get ideas in your planning!
  • Instructors can request specific classroom to fit the needs of their course. Any department specific rooms are the responsibility of the instructor to book, otherwise MCP team will assign courses to a room on campus. Computer labs are assigned on a first come, first serve.